Server Information

Server Type: PK Server

Episode: 13.2: Into the Unknown

Max Level: 255/100

Max Stats: 255

Max ASPD: 196

Instant Cast (Dex): 150

Max Storage Capacity: 1000

Max Party Capacity: 24

Max Guild Capacity: 76

Max WoE & KoE Capacity: 15

Max Character Slot: 15

Exp/Drop Rates

Base & Job EXP: 10,000x

Drop Rate: 1,000x

Normal Card Drop: 10%

MvP Card Drop: 5%

Rare Card Drop: 1%

Other Information

Multi-Client: Enabled

Anti-Hack System: ADelay Systems & Gepard Shield 3.0

Server Host: Singapore

Timezone: GMT + 8


Automated Events: Bombring, Poring Catcher, Cluckers, Dice, Disguise, King of the Hill, Novice vs Zombie and more soon...

Farming Area: Branch Room, Gold Room, Monster Arena, MVP Arena and more soon...

Quests: Token, Break The Seal, Custom Weapons, Headgears, Wings and more soon...

Custom Commands: @packetfilter,@guide,@bcsetup,@seeitems,@garbage,@hold and more...