The Installers have variety to choose but we encourage to use our Full Installer (4.9GB).
Make sure you patch your client after installation.

Download Instruction

  1. Click one of the buttons below.
  2. When your download is completed, run the Full Installer
  3. Do NOT install in any of the following locations:
    • Desktop
    • My Documents
    • Program Files
  4. We'd greatly appreciate if you could seed the torrent after you're done downloading!

Android APK Instruction

  1. Click the android image below.
  2. When your download is completed, install the apk
  3. Download all resource and wait until the patch is complete
  4. Note: if you have an existing DarkRO: Rogue One APK. make sure to clear data and uninstall the old DarkRO: Rogue One APK. Before you install the new DarkRO: Rogue One APK. Thank you!